Bar life is not the same

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Me with PR classmates this summer

I knew that my bar life was destined to go down the drain when I heard the words “Where are my 2000s babies at?!” jokingly yelled by a DJ one night while I was out. I promptly fled the establishment. To be fair, it was 12:05 a.m., which is normally when I leave to go to bed anyway.

I’ve been actively denying the fact that I’m aging since I turned 18; however, now that I feel inclined to ID people before they even try to talk to me at a bar, I’ve been forced to accept that I’m getting older.

My body has forsaken me and now inflicts me with terrible hangovers that last a full day, even though I was able to wake up the morning after a night out at age 19 feeling refreshed. My skin breaks out the moment a vodka soda touches my lips, even though I used to go on week-long benders with ease.

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This was during final exam season in third year! I probably should have been studying!

There were times in undergrad where I was in bed, and one text from a friend was all it took for me to throw on an outfit and start doing my hair. Now I need about a week’s notice to mentally prepare myself to go out, and even then I’m sometimes too tired to go to the bar.

I have some important questions about my bar future:

  • Can I only go to “old person” bars now?
  • How much time do I have before bouncers no longer ID me because I actually look of age?
  • Can I keep drinking trashy things like vodka redbulls and jägerbombs, or do I have to develop a taste for scotch?

Charity bar night the summer after first year. I was not 19 yet 🙂

Even though I physically can’t party the way I did in undergrad–and I don’t really want to anymore–I feel sad about that phase being over. I’m packing away my collection of black bodysuits, mourning the death of the bar life I once had.

And that’s okay.

Comment your best bar experience! One time the bar manager gave me a full plate of fries at 12:30 a.m. and I don’t think I will ever be that happy again in my life.

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