May 2019

school’s out 4ever

April 2019

backup plan

professional Twitter is no fun: there, I said it

March 2019

all of my friends have left me but at least i have a bicep now

February 2019

Time is money, and I have neither

Single and unsure if I even want to mingle

January 2019

internship life is cool

Pass off being too poor to own things as “Minimalism”

December 2018

New Year’s Resolutions are garbage but I’m going to make them anyway

What do you mean I can’t wear athleisure everyday?

November 2018

JWB is the new FWB

Five Quick Meals for the Grad on the Go

Bar life is not the same

My friends are getting married and I’m still seeing guys who have Saturdays Are For The Boys flags hanging above their couches 

Who actually has time to be healthy and hot? (Guest Blogger Post)

October 2018

DM me on LinkedIn

Six easy ways to look like you have your sh*t together

Interviews are high stakes first dates (and, like first dates, I don’t get many)

Dream Job: The Real Version

September 2018

Existing in Limbo: The Place Between Student Life and Adulthood