About Me

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I custom-made this shirt so people would know I’m sad

I literally have no idea what I am doing.

My name is Joanna and I recently graduated from university with a B.A. Honours English and Creative Writing. Naturally, my parents have been hoping that I would marry a rich man with a trust fund who could financially support me, but I spent my university years making out with boys I found generally unappealing as human beings.

As it turns out, my post-grad dream of being an Instagram influencer who gets paid thousands to promote skinny detox tea is not realistic, seeing as I don’t have nearly enough followers and also I don’t look like a model.

I did what any person who has no distinct employable skills or qualifications beyond what is compensated with minimum wage, but also has no desire to pursue further academia does: I enrolled in a professional diploma program at the university I attended for undergrad because I’m afraid of change :). I have about three months before I launch into a career to get my sh*t together and be a real adult.

So now I’m here, trying to figure it all out.

And that’s okay.


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