internship life is cool

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I promise this is the only mirror selfie I’ve taken on the job

I started my first real person job at the beginning of January (a.k.a. my first job where my main role wasn’t to yell at minors – to explain, I coached soccer and did some camp-like jobs). I’m now in my third week of working, and here is a very real breakdown of what has happened:

1. I’ve had two to three cups of coffee just about every day and have only had the shakes twice :). I honestly wasn’t a regular coffee drinker until I started having to be functional from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Now, I start to panic when I forget to bring my tumbler.

2. I’ve eaten cake at in three very “The Office”-esque birthday gatherings (according to my office-mate, January is a big birthday month). There is a birthday chart on the bulletin board. It is so wholesome and I love it so much.



3. I explained what a Juul Pod is to my boss.

4. I’ve discovered that casual Friday is actually my raison d’etre. Falling to yet another trope of the office life, my week really revolves around my ability to wear jeans, a clothing item I used to disdain in undergrad, ONCE a week. Not wearing a pencil skirt is really the center of my existence right now.


An actual candid photo of me getting ready on Friday morning! Courtesy of instagram user @middleclassfancy


5. Going to bed at 9 p.m. has gone from a rarity to a regularity. I might even call it my greatest fantasy. When I’m leaving work in the evening, I consider all the things I want to do before bed and calculate how soon I can be asleep. From now on, I need a full business week’s notice for any plans after 7 p.m. on a work day.

6. I can determine how good my day is going to be based on what the flavour of fruit-infused water is at work. I’ve actually developed a scale from “Pineapple and Rosemary” to “Cranberry” (honorable mentions are “Green Apple and Mint” and “Lemon and Basil”).


There’s been a learning curve for me, I’m not going to lie. As much as I enjoy what I’m doing right now, there are still some days that I feel totally out of place. It’s hard to transition from being in school (something I’ve done for most of my life) to a totally different setting, but it’s also exciting.

I also briefly got lost in the building once.

And that’s okay.

Comment the your weirdest work ritual/joy/behaviour. Wednesday is team snack day, which is very very very very important to me.

Coming up next: single and unsure if I even want to mingle



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