Dream Job: The Real Version


This is sadly my most professional looking photo

What’s your dream job?”  Every adult I’ve interacted with since graduation

The question itself doesn’t bother me: it’s that I can never answer honestly. Whenever an adult asks this, they expect me to say something relevant and poignant about the field I intend to end up in (public relations).

E.g. “I hope to work in Toronto as the coordinator of the crisis communications department for a corporate giant,” I respond, confidently expressing my understanding of the industry and ambitious goals for the future.

But, who really dreams of working in an office until retirement? No one.

I’m pretty pissed that I have to lie about my true passions for the rest of my career, so to get this negative energy out I’ve made a list of some honest “dream jobs”:

  • instagram influencer who’s paid large sums of money to promote skinny detox tea and sugar-bear-hair gummies
  • poet with a liveable wage
  • twitter user with enough fame to publish a book of my best tweets and followers so loyal that they’d buy it even though all of my content is available online for free
  • songwriter for talented teenage singers who have no lyric writing capacity
  • reality star on some sort of “real housewives” or “wives of athletes” show
  • professional dogsitter
  • whatever job lets me be hugged and encouraged by Karamo from Queer Eye on a daily basis

When we’re young, we’re told that we can be anything when we grow up. Then, suddenly, we reach an age where we’re told to be realistic. I will probably never be employed at my “dream job”, but I’ve come to accept that. I, like many, am still working to find the balance between passion and practicality.

And that’s okay.

Please comment your unachievable dream jobs and any topics you want me to cover!

Coming up next: Interviews are high-stakes first dates (and, like first dates, I don’t get many)

7 thoughts on “Dream Job: The Real Version

  1. polifolly says:

    I feel you. Nothing I do seems to have any monetary value. When someone asks what my plan is after my program it’s hard not to yell that I’m just trying to get though it without going completely insane.

    My list of dream jobs include professional;

    facebook stalker,
    dog pet-er,
    random fact knower (without obtaining a PhD),
    twitter troll,
    generally busy person.

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  2. sarawarner says:

    YES GIRL. I love this post! So relatable. I’m really not looking forward to Thanksgiving this weekend and being asked what I wanna do after I graduate by all my relatives…

    My dream jobs include professional:

    animal cuddler
    raw cookie dough eater
    overthinker (i would personally excel in this)
    napper (would also personally excel in this)
    instagram user

    Greats tags as well! Would love to see a category added!

    Great work.


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  3. thedreamersdisneykingdom says:

    “I’ve got a dream! I’ve got a dream, I just want to see my career finally be down the right stream! And with every passing hour, I am so glad my family keeps asking this question that makes me Sour.”

    I referenced Disney’s Tangled because for me it shows a big struggle of trying to not only be an adult but follow dreams while being cast the shadow of disapproval of those around us.

    I love the tag usage for this post because it truly summarizes the struggle of being an adult with dreams who also just trying to figure out being a graduate.

    Excellent post and some of my dream jobs include professional:

    Disney Meme maker
    Disney Trivia master
    World Record breaker for smiling
    Jedi Master (It’s a thing )
    Author of Fantasy novels.

    Literally have no idea what I am doing but really appreciate that you have showed that being that way is okay.

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  4. shewhofollows533492840 says:

    I’m out here trying to get famous. That’s what I’m here for. It hasn’t worked out for me yet but I haven’t lost hope!

    My list includes:
    -Unbelievable Instagram fame
    -famous nanny
    -gucci model
    -the wife of some famous young hip actor

    Disclaimer: I still have personal goals and aspirations BUT that being said I wouldn’t be one to turn down free money. And I included Gucci model because it seemed prestigious, the rest are genuine.

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  5. Annabel Mulliner says:

    Too relatable! When it comes to uni students it seems those doing STEM rarely have passion but at least know they’ll have a salary with which to purse other passions in their spare time… inner me studying English obviously has dream jobs like Poet Laureate, Chief Editor for a publishing house, the next JK Rowling… refusing to imagine myself in an unrelated office/admin job, but get laughed at when I admit to my ‘dream jobs’😂 you can’t win.


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